CYBER | DAC: Head of Development

Andre is a lead blockchain & python developer at Kordo Group. He is a Brazilian/American/Spanish software developer and founder of Terratecc, a Blockchain & Smart Contract Solutions Company. Throughout his professional career, Andre has managed over 30 NFT Collections just in the past year.

ETH | DAC: Marketing Strategy & CEO

French & Israeli entrepreneur. A full-blooded marketer and entrepreneur. He started his first business at 12 years. brought several E-commerce brands from zero to 7 figures. He is responsible for vision, marketing, and business development. have been involved in developing several projects, app launches, and beyond.

NIFTY | DAC: Artist & Head of Design

Head of the designer team. He has experience helping brands with product, art design, and building successful businesses around the globe. From an early age, he loves drawing always strives to balance art aesthetics with learning new techniques. He is also a founder of MetaGenix Agency, an agency for 3D/2D design models and designs.

DIGI | DAC: Head of Marketing

Passionate marketer pro. He led a team as the director of influencer marketing and knows Facebook, Instagram & TikTok like the back of his hand. More than 8 figures were generated for all his clients. With his brand marketing expertise, he brings maximum exposure to the project through the utilization of social media and influencer relations, providing maximum scale to the Digital Ape Club.

MZ | DAC Research & Community

He is the community manager and development experience building communities and creating conversations in the digital space. His professional background includes content creation and system creation & management.

We are from a variety of places scattered across the globe. Specifically, our team is currently based in the US, France, UAE, Israel, and Spain.



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